The Very

best akaushi

seedstock in the world

Established 2017


The Very

best akaushi

seedstock in the world


Several Years Ago


Several years ago, Doug and Angela Heimer and their 8 kids at the time purchased their first ranch in McCullough County Texas. That started The "Texas Ten Ranch." Today, not only has the ranching operation grown, but so has the family! We have kept the name however, because Texas Ten Akaushi has created a terrific reputation.

As Christian Ranchers, we focus on one thing first, in all that we do, whether in business or family life:

"To always, at all times, and in all things, treat others the way that we want to be treated. No matter what.”

If we do that, then we will always deal fairly and ethically with everyone.

Best in the World

We are focused on producing the very best Akaushi Seedstock in the world, and are focusing on Registered Purebred Polled Genetics.

We understand that's a powerful statement, but that's our goal and that is what we are achieving.

The Akaushi breed has so many amazing traits for today's cattlemen.


These Japanese Red Cattle offer superior growth to other Wagyu while still producing amazing marbling, they are very fertile, have superior longevity to most breeds, and are exceptional when it comes to "calving ease."

Many ranchers all over the World are using Akaushi bulls on their English, and other commercial cow herds. This produces an immediate increased value in the 1st Generation, F1 offspring, improving yield and grade.

Texas Ten Akaushi will help all of our buyers find the best market for their Akaushi offspring.

You'll Be Proud

you will be proud

We are focused on and determined to give you an Akaushi that you will be proud to have in the "front pasture." Texas Ten Akaushi has purchased Registered Akaushi Cattle all over, focusing on high weaning and yearling weights. We prefer a beautiful modern, "Western Looking" cow that is very efficient, and built right. Although we love our horned genetic Akaushi Cattle, we also prefer a naturally born dehorned calf.


By selecting polled genetics, the Akaushi Rancher will save dollars, time, and labor, and very importantly avoid the stress on the calf associated with dehorning.

Horns pose a physical danger to humans and other livestock, and can interfere with equipment used wihile handling livestock. All 100% fullblood Akaushi are naturally horned, and we do not want to interfere with the amazing carcass traits that have made this breed so sought after. All of Texas Ten Akaushi's Polled cattle are Purebred Registered with The American Akaushi Association.

That means that our polled 15/16th and 31/32nd Akaushi are DNA Verified as purebred! As a matter of fact some of the best known and most sought after genetics, like Big Al, Shigemaru, Tamamaru, and Rueshaw run deep and throughout our Polled Pedigrees!

Our Cattle